About Us

About Us


The Team members of Albert Lea Select Foods Inc. are it's most important assets and we are vitally concerned about the Team members continued health and safety.

We are committed to the implementation, maintenance and promotion of effective safety, health and ergonomic programs through Team member participation, awareness and education. Through the plant's established committees and programs on safety, health and ergonomics, the Team members are encouraged to participate and provide input to develop and maintain a safe and effective work place.

Our safety, health and ergonomic programs are and must continue to be an integral part of all operations.


Albert Lea Select Foods grants equal employment opportunity to all applicants and team members without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual or affectional preference, national origin, marital status, qualified individuals with disabilities, age or veteran status and all other characteristics or traits protected by law. This is true in all phases of employment, promotion, and other opportunities.


Our mission at Albert Lea Select Foods is to lead the industry by providing a safe and cooperative work environment for our team members and their families. As a team we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality for our customers. Our company is a corporation that shows respect the community in which we work.